Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Brettaking" and Jeremy's last name.

With Jeremy Lin's game as the talk of the NBA town, the whole league is said to have embraced "Linsanity".  Get it?  Pretty clever.  You kind of have to feel for the guy, having such an easy name to interlace with a wide assortment of words:



Relinventing the game

I scratch my bellybutton lint, he's so good.

Lin in.  Closer... I want to tell you a secret... this guy's good!

Turn down the Linkin Park CD.  Thanks, boy that was loud and annoying.  Anyways, I have news... this guy's good!

My wife lint some candles for a nice, romatic meal, but I couldn't tear myself away from the Knick's game.

Linin' the dream!

Walk right lin and dominate the NBA.

Nice game lining shot against the Raptors last week.


He drives the lin like Micheal Jordlin.

Kobe who?  Lin it really comes down to it, there is only one linteresting player this season.

People are lining up to watch this guy play.

Ladies and Gentlelin, lind me your ears...  This guy's good.

People will always remember the linter of 2012, the Linter of Lin.

Jeremy Lin just might conlince me to follow the NBA agalin.

"Attention:  all Linternational flights are delayed because the Knicks game went into overtime."

Yao Ming?  More like "Yao Ling!"

Last week, the police began a linvestigation into the whereabouts of the entire Toronto Raptor's defense scheme.  They have no leads.

Lint ain't over til lin's over.

Okay, I better stop here...

Anyways, it's really that easy... and enjoyable to make up puns involving this guy's name.

For me, it's been Bretzky or Brett, Brett, or Bee Rett.  Then the well runs dry.  My name, like "Lin" is only one sylabol, but for some reason much harder to come up with cool ways to work it into inspiring and exceptional puns.  Though I am warming up to "Brettaking".


Jeffrey Lebowski said...

On the heels of Ash Wednesday, what are you giving up for Lint?

Brett G 英 明 said...

A lincrease in playing time and he's challenglin the rest of the rookies for ROY award.

Brett G 英 明 said...

JL: delinitely not lin puns!

dr. no said...

"Yao Ming? More like 'Yao Ling!'". Funny.