Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hello again.

I've tried to shy away from writing too much.  Though I have a lot of thoughts, and some of them I'd like to share, I know that we're all flooded with blog posts, and commercials, and all of that kind of stuff.  Thus, I will only periodically write on here.  Maybe once or twice a month?

Today I want to tell you about the event I have decided to participate in next weekend.  It is the Rotary Run for Life.  It is a 1/2 marathon that will take place in my hometown of Stony Plain.

Here is the info on the event.

Basically, the day is to help raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention and awareness.  This is the first year I've participated, so it could be more than that.

This summer, 4 different instances of suicide has affected people and families I am directly connected to.  I don't have the words to say to these people.  I don't think anyone does.

My conclusion is that the best thing we can do is stand together with these friends and family.  Or sit together with them.  Or sit and listen to them.  Or hold them.  Or, in this case, run with them.

As far as my running goals, I have been working on them since January.  My original goal was to run 300 miles this year.  I upped the goal to 365 a few months into it.  As of now, I am at 213.7 miles.  I'm somewhere in between my two goals, and that's something I am happy about.

The best thing about running has been the healthy feelings.  I've lost weight, so it's nice to feel healthier that way.  I've had less headaches than I used to.  I've enjoyed the time on the road to think and process things as my muscles flex and bend on themselves for an hour or so.  It's a very nice thing.  It's hard work, but work worth doing.

So, my final comment is that I hope to raise a modest amount of money for the cause.  $500.  I think that's a doable number.  Even though we all have obligations and bills to pay, I think that there could possibly be room for many of you to toss $10 or $20 bucks this way for the cause.

If that's something you think you'd like to do, please click here.  I am running in support of the Simon Poultney Foundation but to donate just leave it as "pledge an athlete" and it will go under my totals.

Anyways, thanks for reading and wish me luck for next weekend!