Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This writing space.

I came back to this today.  I haven't fed it anything for almost two months.  This thing was my security blanket in China.  It taught me how to write.  Taught me how to love it.

As I look up on that long lineup of people waiting in line to go look at the pickled chairman I am thinking that maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf.  I'm not living there anymore.  My mind is there once in a while, but my body is sitting right here in this Canadian chair.

I plan on writing a long review on my time in China.  In fact, it's already in the works.  I was thinking of completing it, giving it a title, and calling it a book.  I might do that.  But another idea I have is releasing the chapters one at a time on here.  I just might do that instead.

The main thing to remember, and it's something I didn't spend enough time thinking about, is that writing a review on my time in China is a really freaking hard thing to do.