Saturday, April 11, 2015



I just passed 72 miles of jogging this year so far.  That is officially double what I did all of last year.

I'm feeling good.

I've also been limiting my diet in a few ways.  I've cut out pasta, which is a complex maze of confusion for my digestion system.  I've limited bread, which would weigh me down and drain me of energy.  I've given my stomach a bit of a break.

I've limited my meat intake significantly.  I haven't had beef since last month.

I've cut out a bunch of sugar.  Even though I'm still drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, my headaches are few and far between.  Maybe I can get that down to one cup.  Maybe no cups?  I don't know.

I feel light after meals.  I feel full quicker, almost shockingly quicker.  I couldn't finish a 9 inch Quiznos sub the other day.

What have I been eating?  Lots of veggies.  I eat them raw, I blend them with fruit.  I've been eating spinach and kale, peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers.  I've been throwing some of the amazingly magical chia seeds into the blender along with everything else.  Super good stuff.

Barbara made strawberry jam with just strawberries and chia seeds.  Amazing.

I've been eating almonds, and beans, and chickpeas.  Barbara made humus the other day and it was tasty, filling and energizing.

I feel good.  My jogging has been easier to tackle each time.  I've been pushing myself more, not in speed, but in endurance.  The other day I jogged for well over an hour.  That's a big deal for me.

I am usually not the most energetic person.  These changes have helped me big time.  I even have more patience with my kids.  It's been a nice thing.  I want to continue to feel good and I want to continue to run and play with my boys.

I will continue to write here so that I am challenged to continue on with this thing.

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Year Resolution: Quarter Report

Here we are.  3 months into 2015.  Time flies.

I ran 36 miles last year.  A whopping 264 miles fewer than my goal.  Fail.

This year I upped my goal to 365.  Here's where I stand thus far.

So I'm still way behind, but I've got a lot of good weather ahead of me.  That photo also makes my skin look a little peaked.

I've gone a full 20 miles further this year than all of last year!

I feel good.

For me, the point is that I'm still pursuing my new year's goal.  To all the people who think New Years goals are dumb I say It was good for me to set a goal at the beginning of the year because I'm still at it. 

Hopefully writing this out in anticipation of my halfway report come July will add to the motivation for me to push forward.

I would suggest that you set a goal and write about it to help hold you accountable, not to mention have a few good people to cheer you on.

Wish me luck!  And best wishes to you.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Good News

This world is full of awful things.  People everywhere doing unspeakable things to other people.  It's just awful.

We hear about this stuff all day every day.  Nonstop heartache.  Gather around your T.V. set every evening and watch the world burn, right?

Seriously.  How many of us are guilty of being a daily 'Debbie Downer'?  Life is tough, and we seem to think that the only way to get through it is to talk about how tough it is.  Seems kinda backwards.

I came across this news site today.

I was actually purposefully looking for something like it.  I wanted good news.  I wanted it to be just good news and only good news.  Period.

I know that good things happen.  I know that this world is full of more good things than bad.  I know that there are more good people than bad.  I had a hankering for some good news, and I think that this might be the place.

Look at that front page.  To me, it's odd but mostly sad that this front page shocked me so much.  It sort of took my breath away for a minute, being bombarded by only good things.

I am so accustomed to bad news that this good stuff shook me up a bit.

I mean, the Grandma for the elephants!  Right?!

I'd suggest taking a few minutes every week to read through some of these articles.  It's so different from bad news.  So life giving and helpful.

The pervading theme these days is fear.  Be fearful of anything and everything.  I say fight back with good things.  Good thoughts.  Good deeds.

It's easy to get down on life.  But remember that there are good things happening and a lot of good people working hard to impact the world for good.

Good Good Good