Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Recap

The First Half

After the first few minutes of the 1st quarter, I was very happy.  Ma' Man Victor Cruz juggled in a nice little TD pass and the Giants had a cozy little 9-0 lead.  Later on, Tom Brady did his thing and made things exciting going into the second half.


Despite some people's opinions, I actually enjoyed most of the halftime show.  I thought that I heard a little swear in there from M.I.A but I'm glad the 'bleep' was subtle as to not draw too much attention to the artist's marketing ploy.  I mean, what other reason is there to swear and give the finger to the camera then to just up your quickly fading profile?  She might sell a few more albums because of it.

Madonna was good because the show was snap,snap quick.  I liked most of the dancing and the choir and that fat guy, CeeLo Green, is it?  But basically, the entire theme of the halftime show can be summed up like this:

Familiar hit, leg kick to show she's still got it, grindy dance to show she's still dirty, telling you she's still sexy to show that she thinks she's still sexy, emotional religious icon and song w/choir... World Peace.

To break it down even more, she starts out old and sexy and then makes sure everyone knows that she's religious and that... World Peace.

When she sang the lyric "I'm still sexy" I misheard it as "I'm still sixty".  I think that it would have been more impressive and even 'sexier' to say that she's still sixty.  Though, I don't think she's quite that old.

The whole thing was much better than some old geezer band pretending their young again.  An old geezer pop star is a little more interesting.  Plus, she was great in Evita.

Miles main comment about the half-time show was that he didn't know that adults could give other adults piggy backs and shoulder rides.

The pivotal must-see 2nd half

I kind of missed the 2nd half.  Though, I saw Ma' Man Bradshaw roll into the endzone for the winning score.  My keys to victory went something like this:

 The Giants defence must knock Tom Brady out of the game.  Seriously.  They must hit him until he can no longer throw the ball down the field, and then, when nobody's looking, hit him again.
I think that they did a good job at that when it counted.

The Giants must play RB Bradshaw the whole game...  Bradshaw is a beast that can rumble over anyone no matter how New England Patrioty that person may be.
Well, he scored the winning TD by rumbling up the middle.

"Pass it to Victor"

Again, he caught the game's first touchdown.  Though, that dance that those NY Giant receivers do in the end zone is pretty self-degrading, don't you think?

As far as I know, Madonna didn't hurt her hip, so I was wrong there, but the Giants pretty much looked up my blog and did just as I told them to do.  I'm expecting the check in the mail.

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