Wednesday, November 13, 2013

These words

Another thought for the day.

I am completely overwhelmed with how much wisdom and advice I am exposed to every day on the Internet.

Quotes from famous people, links to good articles, and other thoughts.  Most of it is good, great stuff.

It's easy to scan and read dozens of these things in one sitting.  Learn about injustices in Africa, how to burn body fat, which band you should be listening to, which corporations you should avoid, and so on.

And just like most things these days, I usually treat all of these often rich and nutritious things like fast food for my mind and soul instead of allowing them to be the deep sinking treasures that they are.

And besides sharing them on Facebook or Twitter, I don't really interact with anyone about them.  I read, I react, and then I move on.

For the past few months I have been trying to focus in one one thing.  One little golden nugget of wisdom from the Internet.

It's a few words of meditation from Frank Schaeffer.  I have memorized them, thought about the 3 groups of words individually and as a whole, and often say the words under my breath at different times of the day.

They are the simple words that I have printed on my desktop photo of my beautiful niece Katie.

Here they are.

That's it.  Simple words that are often very complicated and difficult to live out.

Letting them soak has helped.  I read other things, other pieces of wisdom, but I keep coming back to these words.

What have I learned so far?  That it's pretty much impossible to make the first two happen without the third.

Though, it seems that the third doesn't happen without the first two either.

And I go about my day with these words in my mind.  I forget about them at times and remember them again.

I think of these old words so often that they become new again.