Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend is my birthday.  My wife has been away for most of it, but my two boys and I have had a good time on our own.  Some highlights:

-  While watching Winnie the Pooh Miles says, "Hey, Pooh and poop sound the same."  This was a very significant moment in my battle against these guys saying "poop" all of the time, which is what they do for fun.  This was a significant blow to my efforts to curb this behavior.

-  We went to a friend's apartment Saturday morning, and to get there we needed to cross the dreaded crosswalk at the University across from our apartment.  This morning, for some reason, there was something going on at the University.  I counted 12 police officers standing around the gate, 3 of which were in the intersection "directing" traffic.  The light turned red, the cars stopped, and the 3 of us started to cross.  Of course, a car drove right through the light, causing a couple of students to stop in their tracks to let it whiz by.  The boys and I finished walking across and I had a few choice words for the 3 cops, some of them in Chinese, some of them in English, and some of them in French, if you know what I mean.  They barely acknowledged my presence, one might have looked my way during my tirade, and we walked through to the bus stop.  What a complete joke of a system.  Completely useless.  These cops had "when's lunch" written all over their faces.

- The boys sang happy birthday to me at least 2 times without saying, "happy birthday, dear poopy".  So, 2 out of 5 isn't bad.

- The 3 of us broke out the shorts on this nice, warm day.  My white legs itched a lot and I think it's because they had forgotten what sunlight is.

-  Made a grilled cheese sandwich with homemade focaccia bread.  Then, I added onions to the cheese.  Check.

-  I made a simple chocolate cake on my birthday for myself because I am not embarrassed or shameful enough not to do it.  As it was cooking I crumbled up half of a Snickers bar and half of a Skor bar on top of it.  They melted in.  Checkmate!

- Saturday night and Barbara was still out, so I watched Vertigo.  I can't believe I went so long without it.  I highly recommend this Hitchcock classic.  The story is engaging from the beginning.  The whole thing feels ahead of it's time with it's mysterious deception and layered story line.  All the while, the music, the car rides, the swirling, the paintings all push you further down into the web of confusion that eventually satisfies in the end.  I also ate Doritos, so that helped as well.

- This weekend I am also making my way through a great book called What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell.  I've read and loved his other books, so I'm not surprised with how interesting this one is.  He takes his favorite stories that he had published as a journalist with the New Yorker.  I won't say more about it, except for that you should read it.

-  On Sunday we made burgers.  They were ridiculously large and great.

-  Sunday evening found us on a drive with the Hendersens through the construction sites on the mountain all the way up to a quiet place South of town.  We ate food, drank wine, and watched the boys get dirty.  It was a very nice time.

Running down the mountain

- Sunday night, a few of us went on the top of a 17 floor building nearby for a few beers.  It was also nice, and a great way to end the birthday weekend.

In all, a different but very nice birthday for this buckaroo.

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