Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This week in Hockey

After a couple of weeks off because of a holiday and the Sport's Day Parade, we finally got back on the pavement for a nice hockey session.

I texted the coach beforehand and he said that it was on for today.  Well, he didn't show up, but the guys did.  They were all standing there with the net out and waiting for me.  In all, 10 guys and most of the usuals.  It was a good sign that these guys are actually into it and not just playing because it's class time.

Passing drills
For the first time, I was not the goaltender.  This was good because it gave me a chance to teach a little bit about the little bit that I know.  We did some passing drills and some 2 on 1 drills.  The guys seemed to respond well.

As a result of me being out of the net, the guys that actually strapped the pads on had a heck of a time figuring out how to be effective (as evidence in the above photo).  No matter how many times I stopped to give them tips on positioning, how to hold the stick, and how to prevent themselves from getting canned in the junk, they went through the whole class without listening to any of it.  I understand that these things take time, so I'm okay with it.  Also, the 3 goalies for the day liked the challenge and every time I asked them if they wanted to switch they said no.  Good for them.

nothing special here.  Just looks like he broke his ankle.  Don't
worry, it was just the wind hitting his pants.

Here is a bit of video evidence of the progress being made:

Things worth noting:

1.  Notice the battling.  These guys have heart.  That's 90% of it right there.  Add 10% skill, 15% size and 12% math and we'll have a real superstar or two on our hands any day now.

2.  Nice use of behind the net.  It took them a while to get comfortable with going around the back of the net.  They have soccer brains, so I need to weed it out of them slowly.

3.  As I mentioned above, everything about the goalie needs to be worked on.

The equipment is holding up well, though I need to tweak the pad straps because they loosen too easily.  The sticks work, but they look like junk.  The net is droopy, but nobody really knows enough to care so I'm okay with it.

In all, a fun afternoon.  I got some exercise and I got to work on my Chinese.  That's not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

To the left is an office building.  To the right is a giant stadium that
they don't really use that much.  In the foreground is where
the magic happens... hockey.

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