Sunday, May 6, 2012


I've been on Flickr for about a year now.  It's a pretty good place to organize and display photos.  Unfortunately, I don't know too many people who use it.  For this reason I find it a good idea to post some of the photos I've taken to Facebook.  Although I do get a few people who go through the trouble of 'clicking' on a link, I still find that there are not a lot of people looking at my photos.

To make things easier, I have made a 'Brett's Favorites' set on Flickr that is easily accessible with just one click.  There you can see the few photos that I really like and feel that people would also like.  From there, you can go look at more or just leave and do something else with your time.  The choice is yours.  All I'm asking is for you to take a minute or two to look over some photos that cover the many different facets of our lives here in Xining.

Here are a few photos to get you in the mood:


Street Hockey class

Min Da Baseball Team 2011


In the rain

If you would like to see the favorites set then click here.

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Lois said...

Friends and family! Take a closer look at 'life in Xining'! These are great photos!! xo