Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interesting Super Bowl 'facts'.

As it is Super Bowl Week, we continue our look at the World of Sport.

First of all...

Okay, then.  Here are some interesting tidbits to get your motor running for the big game:

1.  80% of the tickets go to corporate sponsors.  So, most of the people at the game this weekend more than likely won't be Giants or Patriots fans.  They will be ridiculously rich, non-football fans and they will be snobby and they will not eat nachos.  This is all in my imagination.

2.  Typically, antacid sales are up 20% during game day.  This is great for the folks at Pepto but not so good for anyone else and kind of disgusting if you let yourself think about it for too long.

3.  Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest eating day for Americans after Thanksgiving.  When people eat things like this, you know that they take their eating seriously.

I would also say that this day would be the best day to indulge in a 'nacho hat'.

it kind of makes you want to brainstorm of things to put on a giant edible hat.  Here are a few:

- Any dip would work in the middle.  For the brim I'm thinking some sort of chip layering system, similar to a bird's wing with feathers.

- A 'Ribeye hat'?

- A soft tortilla hat with a bowl of ground beef in the middle?

- Pancake hat with syrup in the middle.  You could layer bacon and eggs on the brim and they would stay warm in the sunshine.

But the winner, in my book, is the cheese fondue hat.

4.  43.9 million Americans will attend Super Bowl party. 

As for Canada, Eugene's family and cousin Sue's nephew's family will be in Estevan, Saskatchewan at the high school, which will be broadcasting the game for the community.  All of the Newfoundlanders living North of Lacombe, AB and a couple of the guys from the oil field are invited to parties at their local Lion's Club Legions.  Bryce will be watching the game if he's not working down at the firehall.  That's all I've heard about so far.  Feel free to announce your party on this blog.

5.  One year, Kathie Lee Gifford sang the national anthem.  I dare you to watch it.

6.  According to the organizers of the event, All football fans love a halftime show which includes one of the following:

- The latest pop sensation.
- Rap music.
- Some old band that was famous in the 70s.
- Some old musician that was famous in the 80s.

The general rule of thumb is to steer clear of any music that is awesome.

7.  As everyone knows, they show cool commercials during the Super Bowl... except for in Canada.

While the Americans watch Justin Timberlake's latest cute thing that he does we Canadians will be reminded that North of 60 reruns will continue to be shown every Wednesday morning at 230am.  Also, Tim Hortons has yet another kind of breakfast sandwich.

8.  There have been almost twice as many Grey Cup games (Canadian Football League) as Super Bowls, yet some how it's still not as popular.  Next year will be the Grey Cup's 100th game!

9.  The NFL's current agreement (which runs out after this season) says that the winner of the Super Bowl is to get paid $88 000.  That's each player, so to crunch the numbers.... that is about 5 million dollars going to people do don't need it.  On top of that, most players have bonus clauses in their contracts that will pay them even more cash, even if they lose.

It's pretty fair, when you think about it.  It's like when you work hard at building a snow fort with your kid and then you share it with the neighbour and his kids, then someone gives you a million dollars for it because you're doing what your supposed to do as a father.  It happens to all of us at some point.

10.  There is more to it here, but basically the game was named 'The Super Bowl' temporarily while they all thought of the better name for it.  They're still thinking, I guess, but I really like the name Super Bowl.  It's very American.

As for Canadians, the name 'Grey Cup' works great because it was named after Governor General Earl Albert Grey and the cup itself is pretty grey looking.  The Super Bowl is a trophy, so I think that they need to work on that a bit.

Are you excited about the Super Bowl yet?  I am.

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