Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Winter, Canada will be a lot cozier

It is very late here in Xining. Let me check... yup, it's 12:41 am. But when I heard that they were going to make it official at 12:15am, I needed to stay up for it, even if it was only by refreshing the TSN.ca website over and over again.

Winnipeg, a city that most people have never heard of, a city with a crappy CFL team, a city that, amazingly enough, I've never been too, is getting a hand-me-down NHL team!

"Sorry, Atlanta, but at least you still have Peachtree TV."

I don't know what it is. I am very happy about this. The Atlanta Thrashers are officially moving to Canada. A professional sports team from a real league (That is at least somewhat recognized in America) is moving to Canada. Someone with money said, "Hey, lets move a team from America to Canada."

This is a foreign Language in Canada. More people speak French. After losing The Winnipeg Jets, The Quebec Nordiques, The Vancouver Grizzlies, and numerous other teams that are too insignificant to mention, not to mention the Grizzlies, this is such a great thing.

For a moment, this made me forget that the Canucks are going to win the cup. It was a nice little moment that I enjoyed.

Most people want the new team to change their name to The Jets, of course. Moose and Falcons have been a few of the other suggestions. I have a few suggestions myself.

The Winnipeg Sexy Legs (because it rhymes)

The Winnipeg Winners

The Lake Province Hockey Badgers

The Prairie Area River Patrol

The Manitoba Tubas

The Winnipeg We have a team agains

The Winnipeg Winnipeggers

The Atlanta Thrasherpeggers

The Manitoba Mans

What does this whole thing mean for me? Well, not a whole lot, but it sure will be nice, this October, when I can listen to the Internet feed of the Oilers getting the crap kicked out of them by a real hockey team... from Winnipeg!

Goodnight Everyone.


Steve said...

It’s good to hear Winnipeg will have an NHL team again, pending approval from the league’s board of governors. The city and its fans have been strong supporters of minor league hockey and the Manitoba Moose ever since the Jets left in 1996. I think fans will quickly embrace the team, and it will have greater success north of the border.

Lisa Heide said...

Please come visit winnipeg (or just mB) and will will take you to a winnipeg sexy legs game!

gitzy said...

At least Edmonton will be more attractive to players than 1 other city!

Lois said...

Brett, you're so funny AND hockey-wise!! xo Admiringly, Mom