Friday, May 13, 2011

Black contact lens Mystery: update!!!

I wondered if my teacher would show up to class wearing the black contact lenses again.

If you don't know what I mean, click here.

Well, on the way to class I stepped into the elevator of my building. There was a lady in it already and she looked familiar. I looked again and she was quietly laughing at the fact that I did not recognize her. It was my teacher... with the lenses in!

Well, there was more to it. The usually flashy dresser was wearing a track suit. She had just gotten back from playing basketball. But, facts are facts, and the fact is that with those contact lenses in I could not recognize her.

On the way to class I asked her if her husband liked her new look. An emphatic "no". Then she figured that I didn't like them either. I backtracked and said that I had just never seen them before.

Also, a confirmation that they are for style purposes. She could have gotten clear ones or even brown ones, but she went with "midnight" black or "Is there a soul in there" black.

Here's the whole situation explained for us by a bunch of idiots:

Scary, scary stuff. Soon enough we will be seeing horns and antlers as an acceptable fashion trend. Or, maybe a furry tail? How about gills? Maybe rabies; people foaming at the mouth? Or maybe letting boogers trail down your nose will help give a little "drama" to your look.

Okay, too much. Where is the "delete" button. Oops, that's the "publish" button, let me see if I can fix this before it l


julie said...

i like this saga.
keep updating about the contacts. its hilarious.

Barry Gee said...

" a bunch of idiots" priceless.

PS. My "Captcha" for this comment is "dicroc". Apparently the blogspot people know me.