Thursday, June 2, 2011


June is here. Jonas turns 2 next week. I am still 30.

Last night, plenty of my relatives went to see U2. From my research I have concluded that Mom, Bryce, Barry, Cousin Rob, and sister-in-law Becky were all at the concert. Maybe that isn't so many after all, but at the time it seemed like everyone this side of Uncle Roy was at the party.

This is funny:

Friend Curtis and cousin Rob taking almost identical photos.

When Miles and Jonas found out that their Uncles went to U2 they asked if we could put in "The Bono DVD". It is a U2 concert DVD that the boys are quite fond of. It was almost like being there. Almost.

U2 is interesting in that everyone likes them. If someone says that they don't then they are lying and they secretly sneak a little Joshua Tree every once in a while to let loose on the drive to work.

I once read a Biography about Bono. I went in expecting to read about all of the amazing stuff the guy is apart of. Basically, I went in expecting it to be good, but nothing that I did not already know. Well, the book blew me away. A great read. I'm not sure which Biography it was. All I know is that the interviewer/author was a guy that has known the band since the beginning. He could have been wearing sunglasses and a black hoodie as well, I'm not sure. With that information I am certain that you can track down the title.

The thing I have that all of the concert goers do not is that I "See China right in front of me." So, even if I don't always feel like it, in a way, everyday is a beautiful one.


How about those Canucks? They were 'biting' and clawing their way to a victory earlier this morning. What can you say about a player like Burrows? Everyone who has ever played sports can think back and remember there always being a guy like this in the league. I guess it wouldn't be the same without them.

I coined a new phrase in the Gitzel home today. Whenever Jonas gives Miles a little push or a shove and Miles overreacts by having a fit, which happens a lot, I say that Miles is "Pulling a Sedin." I think it will stick.

Barbara from the other room: "What's all of that crying and whining that I'm hearing?"

Me with the boys: "Oh, Miles just got Sedined again. He'll be okay."

Seriously, this could be a good series if everyone stayed out of the penalty box. Actually, I think that the Bruins could be the stronger team 5 on 5. If they keep giving the Canucks powerplays then this will all be over very quickly.

One final hockey note. Luongo is playing lights out right now. Someone once called him 'Jesus with pads' and I tend to agree.


Every night we sing the boys some songs before they go to sleep. The boys have a new favorite song for me to sing. I sang it once and they immediately got hooked. Why I sang it once? I have no idea what it was doing lounging around in my mind. But, now that it's out there, it's pretty funny:

This is the song


Lois said...

It was a wonderful 'spiritual' experience for me, personally and I have only been a nominal U2 fan up to now. But every song had so much in it that fed my soul. I especially loved 'Pride - In The Name of Love'. At that part of the concert, we were standing near the back of the crowd on the 'floor' and the words of the song and the roar of the crowd just made me raise my hands and thank God for the 'one Man' he sent to be with us and that 'in the name of love, once more in the name of love' over and over He gives us His love so freely and so purely and so abundantly ... made me weep with joy ... still does ... xo

Becky said...

My favorite part of the Dave Song was the key change.