Thursday, June 9, 2011


This city is a beauty!

Yesterday I walked from our complex all the way down to the road where the train station used to be. It's a decent distance, I strolled and it took about an hour.

Our city is changing at a break neck pace. If you are in a taxi and zoom by some new developments, be careful while you look or you just might break your neck.

Along the river is just one of the places where there is a huge contrast between the old and the new. Sitting below the giant apartment buildings being constructed are old ping fangs made of brick that would surely crumble with the slightest of earthquakes.

There are still farmers living in the middle of the city, herding their sheep. There are still old style coal ovens firing away on the family meal. These people will soon be gone, replaced with the new developments. In the end, with the safety factor, this is a good thing. Though, as it usually is with change, this is kind of a sad thing. Where will these people go? What will they do with all of their sheep? Will they know how to use a gas stove without blowing themselves up?

I took some photos along the journey and I have added a few descriptions here and there. If you want to read them, and see the photo set on Flickr, then please click firmly on this area.

Check out the other photos while you're at it. More to come.

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