Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oilers Winter

No matter how much Kevin Lowe or Wayne Gretzky talk about the Oilers future, I can't help but think about that seen in Terminator 2 where the playground and people explode all over the place.  This team has to be close to Judgment Day.

We have moseiers, wanders, and gritty-heavies trying to earn newer and shinier contracts with this wreak.  I'm not going to name names but Ryan Jones.

We've got veterans getting traded, fading, and chasing records.  Heart and soul, but not much else.  

Most worrisomely, we've got a handful of early twenty-somethings who seem to have already lived a thousand years on careers spanning a hundred games or two.

This is really where the Edmonton Oilers have come to lay down and die.  Look into Taylor Hall's eyes and tell me you don't see an endless highway to nowhere.

This Organization needs to release everyone.  President, GM, coaches, players, Joey Moss, the Cheerleaders, the radio guys.

They need a new goal horn.  They need new jerseys.  They need new everything.

I hope they can avoid all that.  I hope these young guys can taste the playoffs sometime before my 6 year old gets married.

What I hope is that they can pick themselves up out of the muck and fight back.  Someone needs to make some easy decisions already!

Someone in the higher ups needs to see that this team has too many pedestrians getting too many free passes across the street.  

They've got endless patience for Ryan Jones but only 100 games for a #1 overall pick?!  Lunacy!

This winter has been too dang long watching half a hockey team fight for 13th.   

I bought satellite to watch the Oilers and I'm left with this junk.


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