Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shots of the week.

It was cold and rainy all day.. until!... the sun came out to warm us all up.  Hence, we took the boys outside to play and such.  Here's a look.  Click on them to see them in larger forms (recommended):

The climbing tree.  Popular among foreigner and local alike.

I like this photo because he looks like a teenager in it.

Miles and his skates.

One of our neighbours.  She is chalk drawing.

The new family soccer ball.  We've played with it
every day since we got in.

Up close and personal.

 Earlier this week, Jonas got busy with the dish washing.  No pants required.

While Jonas did the dishes, Miles sat in a 'timeout'.

As usual, there are more photos to be seen on Flickr.  Just click here.

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