Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First week Back

This week is our second week back in Xining.  Let's give you a little glimpse of what happened last week.

Firstly, we have more or less recovered from our crazy trip back.  Jetlag hits me a little later than others, so when we were at our friend's house last Thursday I was not really there at all.  Now that it's Tuesday, I feel pretty much up to par.

Barbara started working full time this week, so she doesn't really have a choice in the jetlag matter.  She was able to hire her second (and final) foreign teacher in preparation for the Fall semester, so that is wonderful.  Now, they are working on advertising.  They have all of the foreign student spots filled, so they just need more locals.  Today she found out about 2 new prospective students, so that's nice.

Jonas and Miles are under my rule for the time being.  Jonas is his usual self.  He is one of those types that sleeps hard and parties hard.  When he's awake, he's always going.  He thinks it's funny to talk gibberish to us.  This is difficult for us as he already spoke another form of gibberish to us for most of his life up until this point.  Now, instead of translating for people, we just need to tell them that he's not really saying anything.

Miles is a little bit of drama right now; a lot of crying and a lot of laziness.  He still might be feeling the effects of the traveling more than any of us.  On top of that, Jonas likes to wallop him in the face with many things.  Today's menu was a bucket and a badminton racket.  Miles appetite also seems to be lacking.  It's hard to feed him anything right now.  Tough transition for this fellow.

For any father who's ever put on of these copters
together, you know that it's no picnic.

So, for this month anyways, I am in charge of the boys.  Today we went out and bought a soccer ball.  I figured that I'd take this opportunity to continue to woo their mediocre interest in sport.  Today we kicked it around and in went pretty well.  Their favorite move is kicking at it, stepping on it, and pretending to fall over.  Typical soccer players.

As for me, I am setting up quite a comfortable office for myself.  My new computer is very fun to hang out with.  I also bought a new mouse before we came back.

I got it because it was 80% off at Zellers crazy bargain blow-out.  I justify this purchase for the reason that I have a sort of "hockey theme" in my office in certain corners.  In that sense, I am open to any and everything hockey that will make my work space more efficient, nostalgic, or just plain useful.  That being said, I apologize to anyone offended by this.

The Kindergarten will get going around the 3rd of September.  Until then, I am Mr. Mom and I have no problem with that.  Playing with my kids is something that gets me out of my isolated sadness, if ever I am in it.  These days, the summer is raining through August.  The mud builds up on the face of the sidewalks.  The garbage pileis there to remind me that sometimes life stinks.

This year will be an interesting one.  If you didn't know already, it is a prime opportunity for myself.  I will have a lot of time on my hands, a great computer, a million ideas in my harddrives and in my head. It's all there for the creating.  Come September, I will dig into it all for real.  I am very excited about this, and very grateful for the opportunity while my wife makes a Kindergarten happen.

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