Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Woody's Round-up

This week we've been up to a lot of things. I will try to give you the spin that you are looking, dreaming and hoping for.

Firstly, I followed the sunset the other day and came up with some nice little nuggets of gold. The above is my favorite. I call it Leaves ordained by their creator.



I signed up to Google+. So far I am friends with Bill and Joel. Joel seems to like it and I have enjoyed looking at the pictures that Bill has posted.

It kind of feels like the frame of a large building in there. I see that the foundation is poured and that there are beams holding each other together, but other than that I think that I will probably need to wait a while before we see more builders in there.

Meanwhile, Facebook has slowed down quite a bit over the last few months. Either that or people just don't like talking to me anymore. As I've mentioned here, I had a feeling that it was coming to this. I just cannot stomach the updates anymore. People telling me what they are doing every second of the day is boring for me. I can't imagine how the Twitter people do it. In fact, I can't quite figure out why I signed up to Google+. I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling that a sort of 'fear of the future' was involved there. I'm not sure what that means, but it tends to prompt and direct me into numerous things.

I have just found out that Google+ is a word on Blogger and Facebook is not. This is of course because Blogger is owned by Google. It's getting pretty scary, isn't it, when Google tells me what qualifies as a word. What's next... anal probes?!


In other news, we spent the weekend in the mountains. We stayed at a sort of hotel thing with a bunch of other foreigners. It was a pretty good time. We even had a cookout with hotdogs. Someone cooked giant beef ribs on the fire. It was quite a scene.

Through all of the fun and good times I couldn't help but notice what a dump the place was.

Wait, first of all let me say that the national park that we were in is beautiful. This whole country is beautiful, and it was nice to go into the mountains and sort of pretend that we were back in Alberta listening to the river roar and the Moose getting it on.

There are no Moose in this national park, but they do have roaming pigs. This place is a pig paradise. There is trash everywhere. It would be so much better if they cleaned the place up a bit. Throw a little money at the problem. There are thousands of unemployed people that could come in and get paid to clean the place up. They could teach children to care about this national treasure and that throwing plastic trash out of your car window is bad for your grand children's health. The future is important for all of us, and especially for the Chinese. If there are going to be 2 billion people living here, then keeping it kind of neat should be a priority. They definitely have the man power to do it.


Speaking of dirty, Jonas is basically potty trained now. He doesn't like speaking much, so we kind of have to guess on when it's time to do his thing. But compared to Miles, Jonas sure knows how to hold in the urine. He can go hours at a time. The problem is that if we are too late after those hours of holding it, then there will be hours worth of urine on the carpet and a bashful looking Jonas with wet tighty whiteys and legs.

Nevertheless, nevertheless is my favorite word. It's like a run on word.

Nevertheless, it's nice to rid ourselves of the diapers for a while. We might have another kid or two down the road, but for now it's nice to save a little money in that area. Also, being in China we can limit the amount of eternal garbage (a wrapped up diaper) we contribute to this place.

Finally, my other blog will be added to more and more as the days go by. It will have some stories, poems and other things. Originally, I was not sure why I started another one but now I see that I can differentiate between the two based on the topical differences and the like. Sorry to make it complicated but it feels good to make it kind of organized on here.

So keep your eyes open for that kind of jazz over here.

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