Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting Comfy

It has been about a week, maybe 6 days in time zone world, that Barbara and I pried the boys out of the clutches of their grandparents hands and boarded an airplane back to our home here in Xining. Between now and then we have had time to dust out our apartment (literally) and begin to contemplate what this year will look like.

Firstly, the 2 little boys have adjusted lovely to the time change. Miles is actually quite positive and pleasant pretty much from the morning when he rises at 5am until the night when he goes to sleep around 830. I had wondered how he would handle his celebrity status as a handsome little white boy in this city and so far he has handled it very well.

I took him to the restaurant to pick up supper and he was invited to sit right next to the boss. Once seated, the boss' wife gave him the usual attention that little kids like him get over here. Miles smiled his Miles smile and talked to them in English as if it was agreed upon that he would be understood. The wife continued to interrupt him with all of her English words. "Okay". "Hello". "Hi." That's about it.

Both of the boys like the food, more or less. I think that the noodles are probably going to be the favorite. The other day, Jonas enjoyed eggs for the first time.

Now I am trying to think about how to make movies. I've got a little idea about a boy and a kite that sounds good so far. I am trying to develop some "silent" projects, to avoid the whole language thing for a while. Its also a good idea because it forces us to "put it all on the screen", as they say.

I will start language classes next week. It will require some of my time 3 days a week. It will be a good opportunity for me to connect with people at the school again, foreigners and locals alike.

Tomorrow I hope to work up the courage to take my new camera out for the first time in this dust bowl of a city. I am glad I bought the filters. Wish me luck.


Ashokk said...

always good to read your updates. Am happy you guys are back but I missed it. Nice to hear that the boys are doing well. They are celebrities there.

Take care. Now I am on my process to a australia visa for a music school Jan thru July 2011.
If that works out, I'll see you guys next year.
greetings from Nepal,

Brett Gee 英 明 said...

Great to hear, man. Let us know how it goes. Come back after and we can start another band!

sara said...

I'm glad you're all doing well, and I'm looking forward to seeing some films!!