Monday, January 11, 2010

Back at it.

We've been back in one of our favorite places for about 36 hours now. Here are some of the highlights:

- I went out at 7am yesterday morning to pick up a few things to eat, considering that the only thing in our fridge was an old jar of spicy sauce. I stopped by at the Hui guys down by the school and picked up a dozen potato dumplings. Heaven.

- Ginny and Dustin brought over noodles for lunch. The only Chinese food that Miles has liked so far. He is a work in progress.

- We went out for dishes last night with the Hendys, Joneses, and Heather. It was nice to get out and eat some fried potatoes, cashew chicken, sweet and sour chicken, garlic cucumbers, and a swack of other favorites.

- The boys sleeping from 830pm last night until 6am this morning. This is amazing bordering on a miracle. The jet lag is one of my sworn enemies, along with Nickelback, pork, certain Coupland novels, and the Vancouver Canucks.

- Miles has been holding his ukulele in rock star form while singing the ending of "Oh, Canada". Its been fun watching him while he knows he's being funny and cool.

- Jonas is addicted to the walker. So much so that he's already down for a nap at 9 am.

- I made eggs this morning with a dash of dill and they were amazing.

- My parrot shirt is back on.

Some of the lows:

- DVD player is busted. Heather said we could borrow hers so I can watch my 60 movies.

- My cell phone is busted. I'll probably try to borrow one for the next few months.

That's about it from the first 36 hours. We're glad to be back and as the weather warms up to a balmy 6 degrees this week we should be able to head out and enjoy the lovely people and places.


Becky said...

Sounds good. Makes me want to tag along. ... But I'm really glad I didn't just have to fly all the way to China.

It's +6 in Edmonton too!

Lois said...

LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!!