Monday, November 16, 2015

Ugly Sweaters

Did you see that most stores now sell mass produced "ugly sweaters"?  

Ben and Rose with their epic twin ugly sweater back in 2011

All of the fun and joy that's evolved and grown out of silly traditions like this gets swallowed up by the ones who love the mighty squeeze of the dollar. It will wring our Master Cards until every last nickel and dime falls out of this trend, leaving a million brand new, factory made 'ugly sweaters' to beautify the landfills with.

God bless the mighty dollar, am I right?

People used to have to go out to the thrift stores and actually work for their fun. Now Walmart and the gang have caught on. They've bottled up all of the silliness and hung it up on their racks for us to buy so we don't have to have any fun looking for those ugly sweaters.

What a world!

Who knows what other surprises the shopping malls and the television commercials have for us this winter.

Next thing you know they'll put wifi in our cars so that our poor kids won't have to look out of the window.

For me? My ugly sweater will remain to be this crappy looking Oilers pullover. For many obvious reasons.

Ugly since 2007

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