Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Sizzle pt. 2

Firstly, my boys are having a great month of development.  Jonas is confident with his less than perfect English, which is a joy for all around to hear.  He is also taking swimming lessons for 2 weeks and he is making "great strides" in that area.  I am told that he can hold his head under water and even jump off of the low diving board.  Jonas is also able to do this!

Miles is also swimming.  Witnesses have told me that he his able to swim under water for 2 meters at a time.  Miles has also been riding his bike around the camp, but seems to me more interested in this:

Barbara has also done some nice things.  She challenged the first year exam for her Early Childhood Development diploma.  She achieved a high enough score to by-pass 18 courses and will start on the remaining 6 in a few weeks.  She is a great hero of mine.

Most of this fun is being had while I am working.  Actually, tomorrow my boys will go to their first movie theatre without me.  I am kind of sad about that, but also kind of happy that they can finally go experience the overpriced adventure with their mom and friends.

I am enjoying work.  I have great people around me.  I am on a computer a lot, which is not very good for me, but I wear my glasses more often these days, so that is good.

I hope that your summer is going well.  For the first time in a while I am understanding how difficult it can be to make time to hang out with loved ones. I am working on that.  It needs to be scheduled, even.  I hope that you can take up the responsibility and challenge to do the same with yours.

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