Saturday, March 2, 2013


Some people turn in Facebook statuses that read like Oscar acceptance speeches.

"I'd like to thank @jamie and @philip for being with me at #hipaurant for the consumption of the burger I ate that's the focal point of the photo I am attaching."

"Great weekend! Couldn't have done it without my best friend, @squirrlythedog and the great folks at Universal."

At first, it was kind of amusing when people did this sort of "public thanking ritual" every other day.

It's your daughter's birthday? Well, that's nice. She's too young to read but I'm sure that she still appreciates the Facebook shout out.

Some people seem to go to concerts and events strictly for the Instagram opportunities.

Making fun of yourself for not knowing how to use hash tags is the new way to use hash tags.

After all of these years, many of us still seem to forget that hundreds of random "friends" must have their eyes ambushed with every little thought that comes to our minds.

Can we call Facebook an addiction if everyone is addicted to it? Would alcoholism still exist if we were all continuously drunk?

In all of this I am reminded of my own social sins. It takes daily reminders to remember that I am not the centre of the world and that everyone else strongly agrees with that fact.

Lets all take a deep breath and stop trying to stroke our egos with so much white noise. Limit your status updates. Unfriend people you don't really know. Focus in on a bit of life. Communicate with your community. You are not Bono. You are not Oprah. Downsize your marketing campaign and focus in on the voters that matter; close family, real friends, and the neighbours that will only listen to you when you step over to their yard and knock on their wooden door.

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