Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's Christmas Day and I am here on my new phone, typing away a blog post for the first time on such tiny keys.

Today most of us woke up to messages, texts, Facebook statuses and tweets telling us to have a merry Christmas or some sort of similarly warm greeting.

Some tell of the importance of family, friends, and being happy and thankful for the things we have. Others will direct that "thanks" to God sending his son to save us. Jesus was born in humbled state, to say the least. We all marvel at how amazing it was to have the creator of the world humble himself in such a way.

For me, I am reminded of the familiar Christmas hymn that proclaims that "the soul felt its worth". Do we know what our souls are worth?

I hope that this season will remind you that you are worth it. You are worth it for him that loves you and sent his son so that you could feel even a fraction of your worth. He did not come to make you worth it, he came simply because, by his love and the way that it grows, you are worth it and he wants you to feel it.