Friday, June 22, 2012

The NBA's one man show.

Further solidifying my disdain for the NBA, this week LeBron James won the NBA title.  Not the Miami Heat, but LeBron James.  This is another example in a long list of reasons why the NBA is an annoying star-driven association I choose not to be associated with.  It's turned into a media circus worse than what goes on in Hollywood.

LeBron James has played in the league for 9 season.  He hadn't won a Championship until now, and by the looks of it he's finally relieved to get it over with.  I mean, all of that trash talk and 'decision' making and nicknames (The King) had to be getting to him.  Now, finally, he can boost his ego even deeper into the heavens.

Take a look at this little gem of an interview:

Obviously, he's a team player.  HE made enough plays to win the title.

He went back to the basics.  I'm guessing it was more than lay-ups.

"It's about damn time!", he says.  It can get frustrating talking about being the best in the world without actually being the best in the world.

But enough of what LeBron has to say.  ESPN has a "Ring Him Up" title for it's homepage, with a subtext of "LeBron's night".

TSN has a "Ring for the King" headline.

Yahoo! says it's the "King's Coronation."

How could he not think he is a god?  The whole sports world has been calling him that for years now.

I'm not saying that LeBron James isn't a great basketball player.  I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve the MVP trophy (I didn't watch the finals, but the stats seem to say that he's worthy).  What my problem is is that they've turned the whole league into a bunch of journeymen players with a handful of top guys running the show.  James, Bryant, Carmelo, Rose and whoever else out there are the top dogs.  Without one of these guys nobody cares about you, even if you win!  Who won it last year?  Dallas.  You'd never know it because they don't have a sexy American Superstar on their team.

In Hollywood, the movies make money because they have star power.  There are certain actors and directors who make people money just by showing up.  The Movies have The Academy Awards to pump up everybody's ego.  The NBA has the Championship, and it seems to be for the individuals who make the NBA money.  Once they win, the league and the media fall down and worship them.  If they lose, the league and the media ask them what went wrong.  You should have won last year LeBron, what happened to you?  What went wrong?  It's like they're interviewing Tiger Woods or something, forgetting that there are 8 or 9 other guys there that had a heck of a lot to do with Mr. Awesome standing up front with all of the credit.  It's too predictable for me to keep paying attention to this sort of thing.  Yet this is my 3rd of 4th post on how much I hate the NBA, so maybe I'm warming up to it or something.

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