Sunday, April 22, 2012

China Things

In an effort to give my photos more 'exposure', I have decided to create a little theme encompassing the things around this city that I have come to appreciate.  Of course, contemplating the interesting things about this place will prove to be beneficial as well.

The things I choose to take photos of are chosen for different reasons, some of which are for no significant reason at all.  If you are familiar with this place then maybe these photos will mean something to you, too.  Or maybe not.  Click on the photos to get a better view.  Go to my flickr account for more viewing pleasures right here.

Ramadan parking lot

Fireworks in your face

Readily available, including at the Lete Hostel

Hot Pot Chips

XBox and Qing Dao

Giving your kid the airline safety card and justifying
it as a reasonable and fun way for him to pass the time.

Purchasing mediocre import products because they are on sale.

People bugging my kids.  I used to hate this but now I don't mind and
in fact, my kids hate these situations more than I ever did so the issue
of keeping these people from overwhelming the boys kind of takes
care of itself.

Really good China grown coffee beans.

I came up with this idea only a few minutes ago, so it is safe to say that my next entry will involve much more planning and care.  The XBox and beer is something of a 'combo of meaning' and I hope to explore more themes like this one in the future.  As for now, sit back, sip on something beveragey, and enjoy these photos free of charge.

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