Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Contacts: Part 3

An update on the black contact lens trend...

You know when you are watching a cartoon, like say the Care Bears, and you look into the eyes of those friendly little guys? Well, if you look closely you will see a dot of white in there, circling the center of the black. I recently found out why that dab of white is there. It's there because without it the cartoon would not look alive. It would look like a lifeless drawing, which it is, but with that splash of white it magically transforms into a life-like little friend.

I noticed this while watching Xi Yang Yang with the boys. It's a Chinese cartoon and there is a bad little wolf who continuously tries in vain to catch all of the happy little goats. Well, this wolf actually works for his wife, who scares and threatens him into doing her dirty work. She is kind of like No-Heart, the villain from the Care Bears that I was so scared of when I was little. The thing about the Wolf's wife is that when she is angry her eyes turn completely black without that life-like little shtickle of white. She looks very scary in this state and her poor little husband runs away to find a way to make her happy. Well, No-heart's eyes are actually red and the rest of his face is covered by the shadows of his purple cloak. But make no mistake, there aren't any dabs of white within the red. Not at all. A complete goner, over to the dark side with Sideous and The emperor.

The Point...

I've made this point before, but the black contact lens thing makes it look like you do not have a soul. If the cartoonists have figured it out I can only hope that the fashionably desperate will figure it out soon enough.

I must continue to look into this until i find peace.

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julie said...

black contact updates are my reason for living.