Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Tom Hooper = 1990 James Cameron...

Seriously. Look it up!

I finally was able to watch the Oscars. I'm not sure if it was the hassle of finding it online combined with the lateness of the evening and the fact that Barbara and the boys are away for a few days, but I kind of got a little emotional while watching this one.

A couple thoughts:

- The hosts were good. James Franco seemed like he thought that everything was lame, but it was funny that way. The opening was cool; how they were in every movie inside Alec Baldwin's dreams. Then being "Inceptioned". Creative, entertaining stuff. The show could have used a bit more of that, actually.

- Was that Kirk Douglas on stage or my Grandpa Derman? Similar in a lot of ways, but not every. Kirk's a little closer to the finish line. Great comedy, though. I really thought that he was 'on', and it was great considering I had to hold my breath to make sure that he didn't die on stage.

- I thought that it was nice that a wide variety of films won awards. King's Speech was the big winner, but with 4 it wasn't a run away like other years. I mean, Inception won 3 or 4 as well.

- If you take a look at my previous post you will see that I was pretty much spot on for all of my picks. That helped me enjoy it a lot. I was really happy for the writers, especially David Seidler. I love writers!

- Again, Tom Hooper looks EXACTLY like James Cameron when he was younger. Crazy exactly!

- I was so happy that Portman won for Black Swan. That movie deserved a little more, but it was nice, and really, how do you pick a winner in some of the categories?

- Everyone must admit that Christian Bale is an amazing actor. Why? Because I bet half of the people watching the show found out for the first time that he is in fact not an American, but from the UK. Come on, admit it. I'll admit that I found that out about a year ago.

Seriously, watch The Fighter. It's a great movie.

- I vote that Timberlake sticks to singing and Paltrow sticks to acting.

- I also vote that Ryan Gosling gets nominated over Jesse Eisenberg.

And finally, for those people who think that it is stupid and wrong to have a bunch of famous and rich people pat themselves on the back while there is so much going on in the world I have a few things to think about:

1.) If you like the Superbowl then you are a hypocrite.

2.) These people work hard, and they make great movies. One of the goals for them is to win awards. If there are no awards, then that competitive spirit slowly fades and we are left with Transformers 8 and whatever else that makes 100 mil.

3.) It's a tradition, and it's cultural. That's the way the world works.

4.) Show's over. Back to hockey.


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Barry Gee said...

Alice in Wonderland won 2? I thought that movie came out like over a year ago by far! Oh well. I mostly agree with you, but mostly I am glad Inception didn't get shafted. 4 is good, and they deserved them. Now I guess I should see the King's speech.

Brett Gee 英 明 said...

I guess that Alice was visually pleasing. I haven't seen it yet.

The King's Speech is great. The Fighter is the one I tell everyone to watch. Black Swan is my favorite.

Welcome back to Canada.