Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Hits - "I'd like to fight the good fight for another couple of years".

*I write this part after reading through what I've already written below. Recently I convinced myself that coffee no longer held power over me. I decided that I could drink it whenever I wanted to. Well, that cup I had at 1030 this evening has done me in. Just a warning.


Watch out (punch, punch, punch). Right in the gut (Smack, smack smack). Knee to the groin (Gazoink!)

Are you ready for this? Comin' at ya!

1. Went to a Chinese New Year's party a few days ago and the drunk brother of our teacher decided that I was the one he was going to be friends with. He poured me Bai Jiu (strong alcohol), gave me a brief lecture on Chinese culture in hopes to convince me to drink it, promises that I only have to drink 1 cup, I drink it, he pours another and begins to talk about the meaning of "a pair" in Chinese culture and how important it is in an attempt to get me to drink another, he sits next to me, I drink tea, when he doesn't have any more reasons to make be feel guilty for not getting drunk with him he spends his time apologizing for it, then he grabbed my butt, leaned back on the couch, and dozed in and out of conciousness until the rest of the family dragged him to a bed in the back to sleep it off.

The rest of the party was great and I really love that family.

2. While walking through one of the main markets in town and I was startled to see a Muslim woman working in a Tibetan handicrafts and souvenir shop.

3. Still no school for another 2 weeks. What's it been now, a month and a half off? Too bad its cold and dry outside.

4. On page 50 of my first ever full length screenplay. Page 50 is also known as the desert in these here parts. I have a plan, though. Stick to the plan, man.

5. Sunset Rubdown's "Dragon's Lair", I just recently realized, has been my favorite song for the last 2 years.

6. At the beginning of the NFL playoffs I predicted that the Green Bay Packers would win it all. No lying allowed. Seriously. Ask Joel. Call him up!

7. I hereby declare that the winner of best picture at the Oscars, despite what I want to win, will be The King's Speech. Good movie, though.

8. ***Spoiler Alert***

"The Kids are Alright" was very confusing. I liked that the family stuck together, but I didn't understand why the gay woman would cheat on her wife with a man, multiple times, then get mad at the man, who is the technical father of her children, when he asked her to start a new life with him and the kids, because "She is gay", thus spoiling the whole bonding thing that the dad and the kids were sharing. Don't get me wrong, he's to blame too. But really... who wasn't he "banging" in that movie? Oh right, his daughter and one of the mother's of his daughter.

I mean, I guess if I was in that situation, and a gay woman, who is the mother of my children, was so attracted to me, despite me being a man (did I mention that I was a man?), that she would take breaks from work in the yard to "bang" me, and I was really wanting a family, I guess... breathe... I guess that one of the thoughts that would go through my head is that maybe this woman likes me. Maybe. I mean, was it really that stupid to ask her?

Not to mention the son's and daughter's "best friends". Those two teenagers have got to be the worse friends 2 cool teenagers could ever have. Unheard of. I mean, that 15 year old kid of the gay couple is a super cool kid. Does he really only have one friend and does that friend really think that peeing on a stray dog is cool and that if you don't pee on a stray dog then you are not cool?

9. I still think that Natalie Portman should win for "Black Swan".

10. I am going to go dark horse and say that James Franco wins for "127 Hours". Though, where is the Ryan Gosling nomination?!

11. Script fact #2... Since I am writing a story that takes place in China with real Chinese people, I've been careful to ask my teacher and local friends a lot of questions about Culture. Well, since I'm on page 50 and know where I'm going from there, I thought that I'd run the basics through my local friends again. I did that tonight and they both agreed that it made sense. Check Mark!

12. Still crossing my fingers that the guy who said that I might be able to get hockey equipment out here for free is still considering it a possibility. I will email until he acknowledges me.

13. Miles is 3. He looks like he's 5. So, when you see him acting like a 3 year old please remember that he's 3. I am writing this not only for everyone else but for myself.

14. Judging from the photos online, the Grammy's with the largest gathering of high class douchbaggery the world has seen in quite a long time. "For the love of the Lord! Just wear a normal dress or tuxedo."

Look up "Grandma Funk's Grammy dress". That red thing. I triple dog dare you.

Bam, Bam, Bam. Take that! Deal with it.

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