Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Early Playoff Beard Curse?

Something I've noticed these playoffs:

Exhibit A...

Above is St. Louis Goaltender Chris Mason. It seems as though that beard has been growing for a long time. Should he have shaved fresh for round 1? His team got swept by Vancouver. What is with the massive beard?

Exhibit B...

Ranger's defenseman Paul Mara with the bushy beard. I watched him in game 7 against the Caps last night and it almost seemed like the beard was impairing his judgment. Maybe wind was a factor. The Rangers lost game 7 after his team had built a 3-1 series lead.

It seems that these 2 men dared to challenge the playoff tradition of growing a beard during the playoffs by growing them BEFORE the playoffs. The evidence suggests that in the future, players better come clean shaven to the first round. I mean, seriously, what would these beards have looked like if these 2 teams made it to the finals? Insanity, my friends, insanity. Know your limits.

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Jeff D said...

Too funny. Imagine Mason if he let a bit of hair grow on top of his head. Quite a scene by round 4.