Saturday, February 14, 2009

New NHL Season revisited.

I have realised that this blog is mostly an outward processing device for myself. In any event, here it is...

This morning as I fed my son a bowl of oatmeal I realized that the hockey game would probably still be on the Internet radio. A few moments later and there I was, spooning oats to the boy as the sun had yet to poke its head out from the mountains and the Oilers late in the 3rd period with a 2-1 lead!

The boy with the oat face.

Being in China during hockey season leaves me a little out in the cold (sorry for that one) but I manage to spend way too much time paying attention to the ways of the league anyways. The reasons for this might include the fact that this year, for the first time in 3 years, I will be home for the playoffs. This is what drives me to the hope that my team might slip in to the 7th or 8th spot, as usual, and I might get lucky enough to snag a ticket for one of those 2 games where the Wings destroy the consistently inconsistent Edmonton Oilers on home ice.

Anyways, the Oilers won last night (this morning) in a shoot out. That's 2 wins in a row, hot stuff! After the game I remembered my blog at the beginning of the season that I wrote containing some advice for the average fan regarding the upcoming season. Lets take a look back...

(Scroll down if you missed it)

-Things to look forward to-

1. Peter Forsberg's retirement. I just heard that he scored a goal today in some Russian league. I still in hold onto the hope that he breaks his ankle again. Ol' Green Eyes needs to end it. It's nothing personal, I just don't like guy, mainly for the reason that he is annoyingly good and usually plays on Colorado. And personally, I just don't like the guy.

2 Fantasy Hockey. I currently sit 6th in the Yahoo! league with a whole bunch of underachieving superstars ie. Crosby, Zetterberg, Backstrom, Kane, Pronger, Souray. Seriously, how am I in 6th? In the "Kateri" league I am in 1st and I plan on staying there. That league is closer to my heart than the Yahoo! one so I am happy about those standings.

3. Patrice Bergeron coming back from taking a concussion from a Philly Flyer's dirty hit. I think Bergeron came back for a while and then got hit again and missed a bunch more games because of another concussion. It's really sad to see someone so talented be limited by this kind of thing. Hopefully he can battle through it.

4. Speaking of concussions, Jarret Stoll is still engaged to Rachel Hunter. I think they bought a house for 3 million dollars. I am dead serious, I really DID look that up.

5. On January 25th of this year Chris Chelios turned 47 years old. He was drafted in 1981 by the Montreal Canadiens, about a month after I was born. I hear he's not getting much playing time, though when I think about it, I guess my dad isn't getting much playing time either.

6. Eklund's crappy rumor blog is still a crappy blog full of dumb rumors. Tabloids for hockey fans.

7. This next one hurts. Erik Cole on the Oilers.

Stats I predicted for this season: G 32 A 38.

Real stats? G 12 A 10.

So, that means that he needs to score 20 goals and 28 assists in the next 27 games. That is not going to happen. Half of that is not going to happen. A quarter of that is not going to happen. My apologies.

8. Pierre McGuire is still Pierre McGuire.

9. Joni Pitkanen is having a decent season. That makes the Erik Cole debacle that much harder to swallow, along with 2 of the Oilers' best defensemen out of the lineup with severe injuries.

10. The Oilers still might make the playoffs. And my imagination still rules!

-Things to Avoid-

1. Again, just to be clear, I don't like Peter Forsberg. It looks like we won't see him in the NHL this season. Woot!

2. Does the CBC still show hockey games? I don't know, I live in China.

3. Mikey Comrie and Hill Duff were spotted in the Bahamas this past January so we know that they're still together. She's so Disney.

4. Mats Sundin signed with the Canucks for a gazillion dollar contract. He will probably help them make some noise in the playoffs. Then they will lose and he will probably retire or sign with Detroit for 2 gazillion dollars, or a lot less because, "Hey, who doesn't want to play for Detroit?"

5. I don't know about you but I've managed to avoid the awkwardness of Ryan Smyth this year. Praise the Lord!

6. Todd Bertuzzi. I was a little more accurate with my predictions this time. Lets take a look:

I said: 37 goals and 33 assists
Todd's hockey stick says so far: 14 goals and 27 assists.

He's actually doing amazing, and for a million bucks a season can the flames go wrong?

7. My wife and I have made some pretty decent chicken wings over the last few months. The secret ingredient? Hot sauce. Shhhh, don't tell anyone about that secret ingredient... and don't eat chicken wings at a hockey game.

8. The only name I would put on a Jersey?

If I had to pick another guy it would be Oli Jokinen, but things would need to change because I will never buy a Coyotes' jersey.

9. Don't wear a jersey unless you are playing hockey, are at an NHL game, or are a dufus.

10. I still don't like the leafs (Leaves?), but I think that I like them better than the Canucks. And I used to have a problem with disliking the Flames but now I am back to not liking them at all. Looks like it all evened out, didn't it?

So, there you go, Brett.


Becky said...

Things to look forward to: #7. Really? He won't get a quarter of what you estimated? I have hope for you, but I don't know anything about hockey. Wait. I do know the Sheldon Souray is hot.

Anonymous said...

You're first in Kateri?? I haven't checked in a bit. I've won the pack of cards 2 months in a row though!
Becky, we saw Sheldon at the Mall on Sunday - Krista almost rushed him he's so hot!

Bryce G

Brett Gee 英 明 said...

I was in first for a week or s, een without winning the cards. I'm making a trade now that should help me out a little more.