Thursday, January 12, 2012

Music Reviews to listen to

Hi kids!

If you haven't noticed, there are some tabs to click on up there ^.  To make things easier for everyone involved, except for maybe me, I have decided to post all of the reviews here on the home page first.  Then, later after you've all had a good read I will store them up there ^ so that you can look back on them with fond memories, if you'd like.


Today, I'd like us to dip our toes into something completely different.  Now, If you're like me, you don't always like the music player blasting into your ears.  Sometimes, when we have people over or when the kids just want to groove, we like to throw on some music that would be considered tame compared to the good ol' rock and roll.

So, I bring us to the latest thing that I've been listening to.

Washed Out's Life of Leisure

For starters, this song is nice.

The whole record is nice to have on in the background.  If you are a hipster I am told that this is the kind of music you should listen to these days.  I know, I know, it all changes so quickly that it's hard to keep up.  Their music is even featured on every one's favorite show Portlandia.

The one thing that I really like about this album is that it keeps the kids calm.  Miles likes listening to it while he's reading a book in the window seat.  Actually, he's bobbing his head right now.  They both like to dance around it it.

Give it a listen.

Now, if you've liked what you've heard so far, then I encourage you to push it a little further with this one.

Nicolas Jaar's Space is only noise

Once again, the focus of today's review is to find stuff that you can throw on while you're reading or doing the laundry or playing a game of scrabble, perhaps.

This is what would be called 'electronic music' or 'electronica' if you think that saying 'electronic music' takes too long.  I don't listen to too much of that kind of thing, but I like this.  It's obviously very experimental, but not enough to be just a bunch of noise thrown together.    Miles thinks that the noises are kind of cool.  I also understand that some of these songs are not as good as others.  Yet...

This is my favorite part thus far.

Is there even a little bit of Tom Waits in there?  Maybe on the track Too many kids finding rain in the dust?  No?  Okay... but, maybe?

Maybe it's not you're cup of tea.  I know that if my brother Bryce has made it this far in reading this post then we are witnessing miracles today, people!

If you've heard me out and you hate this stuff, then thanks anyways.  If you like what you're hearing then go ahead and look them up on  I have restarted our account.  It's $99 a year for what works out to 24 songs a month.   It's a pretty good place for finding new stuff that you might not regularly listen to.  I think that itunes costs $1.29 per song now.  No thanks!  I never would have thought that prices would have such a big influence in my musical tastes.

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